List of Credits


“No More Homeless Pets in Utah” - R&R Partners-Rosenberger Studios

• 7 Print Ads
• July 2000 to Present
• Animals Provided: Terrier Mix, Jack Russel Terrier, Golden Retriever, Angora Mix Cat, Yellow Labrador, Russian Blue Cat and Rottweiler as Feature Subjects.

“Breed All About It” - Rocket Pictures

• Animal Planet Series
• December 2000
• Animals Provided: Bichon Frise as Feature Animal and a Yorkshire Terrier, English Springer Spaniel, Schipperke, Australian Terrier, American Eskimo Dog and Jack Russell Terrier all as Background Animals.

“Applied Technologies - Articulated Dog” - CBS Television-KUTV Productions

• TV Commercial
• November 2000
• Animals Provided: Rottweiler as Featured Animal.

“Dumb Luck” - Majestic/Redrock Entertainment

• Feature Film
• October 2000
• Animals Provided: Rottweiler in Feature Role as Family Dog.

“Good Pets” - Adamski Peek Photography/Sodlier Oxford

• Children’s Book
• August 2000
• Animals Provided: Pygmy Goat, 3 Rabbits, Golden Retriever, Shetland Sheep Dog, American Eskimo, Yorkshire Terrier, Hamster, and Goldfish all as Featured Animals.

“Cluck ‘n’ Chuck-Excite” - Indy Interactive

• CD ROM, Print and TV Commercial
• July 2000
• Animals Provided: Rottweiler and Double as Specialty Feature Animals

“No More Homeless Pets in Utah” - Airwave Productions-Cosmic Pictures

• 2 TV Commercials
• July 2000
• Animals Provided: 4 cats as Feature Animals.
• Rottweiler as Specialty Feature.

“No More Homeless Pets in Utah” - R&R Partners-Metropolis Multimedia

• Radio Spot
• July 2000
• Animals Provided: “talking dog”-Rottweiler as Specialty Talent

“Global Pursuit-The Penny Promise” - Feature Films for Families, Inc.

• Feature Film
• October 1999
• Animals Provided: 2 Rottweilers as Feature Animals.

“Made Men” - Made Men Productions, Inc.

• Feature Film
• October 1998
• Animals Provided: 3 Blood Hounds and a Whippet as Feature Animals.

“Bats” - Destination Films/Columbia TriStar Films

• Feature Film
• July 1999
• Animals Provided: Bats.

“Investment Brochure” - Rosenberg Productions

• Investment Firm Brochure
• March 1998
• Animals Provided: Basset Hound and Holstein Cow as Feature Animals.

“Beyond The Prairie” - Nicki Film Productions

• CBS Movie of the Week
• March 1998
• Animals Provided: Border Collie as Background Dog, Background Rabbits.

“Jeff Hornacek-Scary Night” - NBA Entertainment, Inc.

• National Commercial-Reading is Fundamental Public Service Announcement
• March 1998
• Animals Provided: Terrier Mix as a Feature Dog.

“Virtual Obsession” - Summit Productions, Inc.

• ABC Movie
• November 1997
• Animals Provided: Rat and a Cat as Background Animals

“AT&T Still Shoot” - Adamski Peek Photography

• National Ad
• July 1997
• Animals Provided: Great Dane, Jack Russell Terrier and a Chihuahua as Feature Dogs.

“Cover Shoot” - Playboy Magazine

• Playboy Studio West
• May 1997
• Animals Provided: Husky Sled Team as Feature and Specialty Dogs.

“The Visitor” - Centropolis Entertainment

• Fox Network Pilot
• March 1997
• Animals Provided: Rottweilers and German Shepherds as Feature and Specialty Dogs, Handlers as Extras.

“Motherly Love” - Summit Productions, Inc.

• USA Network Movie
• December 1996
• Animals provided: Black Labs (Puppy an Adult Male) Feature and Background Dogs.

“Night Sins” - Scripts Howard Entertainment, Inc.

• CBS Movie of the Week
• October 1996
• Animals Provided: Blood Hounds and Personnel as Extras, Border Collies as Feature and Specialty Dogs.

“Promised Land” - Merlot Film Productions, Inc.

• CBS Weekly Series
• July 1996
• Animals Provided: Homing Pigeons, Quarter Horses, Rabbits, Peregrine Falcon and Sparrows as
• Background Animals.
• September 1996
• Animals Provided: African Lion and Rottweilers as Feature Animals
• October 1996
• Animals Provided: Grizzly Bear, Blood Hounds and Personnel as Extras

“Mr. Atlas” - Windmill Productions

• Feature Film
• September 1996
• Animals Provided: Horses and Jack Russell Terriers as Feature and Background Animals

“Little Heroes” - Majestic Entertainment

• Feature Film
• 1991
• Animals Provided: “Hoover” the dog as Co-star
• Personnel as Extras.

“Don’t Waste Utah” - State of Utah

• Series of Public Service Announcements
• July 1990
• Animal Provided: Hoover as Feature Dog.
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