Company Profile

• Christy Floor-Owner/Trainer/Coordinator

• Paul Floor-General Manager

Mission Statement

Hoover Animal Productions has been coordinating and providing animal talent of almost every species for twenty years. Our trainers and handlers are professional, humane, and work hard to get the "action" or "look" that our clients desire. Our goal is to consistently produce top quality to match the clients needs in still photography, cinematography, live presentations, and even sound effects.

Why the name "Hoover"?

The concept of Hoover Animal Productions was started prior to 1990 by Dan Davis and named for his dog "Hoover". Hoover was a specially trained avalanche rescue dog with a extraordinary talent for learning complicated behaviors. Although his search and rescue career was very successful, (he found 11 people in actual rescue situations), his gentle nature, rugged good looks, and intense desire to please made him a natural for the film industry.

Hoover is best known for his role in the popular "Don't Waste Utah" campaign in the early 90's and for his starring role as "Fuzz" in the feature film "Little Heroes".

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